England lost 1-0 Italy in the UEFA Nations League

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England lost 1-0 to Italy in the UEFA Nations League.

England defeated Italy 1-0, with the home team scoring the winning goal from Giacomo Rapadori in the 68th minute, resulting in the roaring lions sinking to the bottom of the group with only 2 points from 5 games played. In the tier 2 league next year for sure.

Starting the game, each side tries to set their own offensive game. But then in the 5th minute, Italy had a chance to win first from the moment that DiMarco dropped to the back line before opening to the second pole for Skamacca to hit, but Nick Pope was still able to brush away.

After that, it was England who had dominated the ball. But still can’t find a rhythm to do that with a chance to win a goal

After the first 20 minutes, the home team looked to set more balls. but can only knock the ball in the middle of the field

The rest of the time, both sides focus on playing tightly. Plus, the last moment is still too short, making it almost impossible to find a chance to win a goal.

In the 41st minute, Kane tried to look far, but the ball jumped over the crossbar and didn’t win.

And the first 45 minutes ended 0-0.

Started the second half as England, who had won twice from James’ free kick, but the ball flew over the bar in the 48th minute. Before two minutes later, Kane had a chance to take the ball into the penalty area but still stuck. Bonucci’s blog

In the 60th minute, Dyer had a chance to win a shot back in the penalty area. But still too high, not matching the frame

In the 64th minute, Raspadori slipped into the penalty area before a half shot, but Nick Pope was still able to brush away.

But then in the 68th minute, Italy was successfully led by Raspadori, who took the long ball into the penalty area. Before composing the ball to the right and fleeing, Pope inserted the far post.

In the 76th minute, Kane finished two strokes in the penalty area. But also to save Donnarumma both times is incredible.

In the 85th minute, with Biadini falling alone. But still shooting to save Pope. Before a few seconds later, Di Marco has a chance to open the middle. But the ball hit the far post, unfortunately bouncing off.

In the 88th minute, Poveka fired a clear shot in the penalty area. But unfortunately the ball went over the crossbar.

In injury time, Bellingham has chance to strike in the penalty area. But the ball floated high over the beam only a little.

And at the end of 90 minutes, Italy opened the home game to defeat England 1-0.

Lineup of both teams

Italy: Donnarumma, Bonucci, Acherby, Toloy, DiMarco, Di Lorenzo, Jorginho, Cristante, Barella, Rapado. Ree, Scamacca

England: Pope, Dyer, Maguire, Walker, James, Saka, Rice, Bellingham, Foden, Sterling, Kane.