Italy 1-0 England: Collecting issues after the Nations League game

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Italy 1-0 England: Collecting issues after the Nations League game, the Lions roared, losing form last night.

Game pictures for 90 minutes

his game, if anyone has been following. It can believe that there will some dozing in the first 45 minutes. Because the two teams can hardly do anything at all. Taking turns in possession of the ball, knocking the ball back and forth and losing the ball. 

Find a chance to enter the dangerous area very little. It’s good that the second half of the game opens more, but it’s Italy. Who can see more water than England. Which must watch the host’s defensive game That is tough without mistakes. Before ending with a long rhythm, raspadori uses his unique ability to shoot the winning goal in the end.

England breaking down

Many would say that Southgate just wants to try the team before the World Cup. But I have to say that this is almost the best kit they have at the moment so it wouldn’t be right to blame the players alone. Because solving the game of the team manager today. It must said that “does not pass”, think slowly, act slowly, when he saw from the first half that he could not penetrate the opponent He was still dogmatic, playing the same way in the second half. Plus, there are so many options on the bench that could be a game-changer. But instead chose to replace only two, two of the poor form, Grealish and Shaw, who could hardly make any difference until eventually losing.

Southgate’s arrangement was questioned.

Indeed, it has been criticized since the summons, especially with Harry Maguire and Luke Shaw, whose performances at Manchester United have left him at sea on the bench. But both of them got on the field in this game, with Maguire in the center of the left-hand position. Which seemed to have some trouble dealing with Scamacca, while Shaw came down as a substitute in place of Walker. It didn’t help the game better. Moreover the capture of Bukayo Saka as a left wing-back on the same side as Maguire has almost no role and the defensive game often slips out of position as well.

Another point that is clearly deteriorating from its standpoint is the fact that they didn’t send a single player. Who play a good set-up, including James Ward-Prowse Trent Alexander Arnold or even Kieran Trippier were all on the bench. Therefore, every time they get a corner or a free kick in the desired area, they can’t expect anything. Italy, whose defensive game is tight, almost all of them are comfortable.