Spurs star for playing under pressure. But being able to overcome criticism.

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Spurs star for playing under pressure but being able to overcome criticism.

  • Tim Sherwood praises Richarlison
  • This player was continuously attacked by fans of other teams.
  • Players are returning to good form, scoring a lot of goals and directing the team.

Tim Sherwood, former coach of Tottenham Hotspur, a giant club in the English Premier League, has come out to praise Richarlison, the striker of the Brazilian national team, saying he is a top player. Even though fans of other teams were heavily criticized. According to สมัคร ufabet

Sherwood said: “You saw him playing with the Brazil national team, right? He has always been a great player for the Brazil national team. We’re just waiting to see him do that in a Spurs shirt . He’s one of those players that everyone hates unless he’s on your team.”

 “No one likes this kid. And that is the greatest compliment I can give him. His teammates and Tottenham fans probably did the same. But what if he’s not on the same team as you? You won’t like him.”

The Samba striker moved from Everton to play with Spurs last season for a fee as high as 50 million pounds. In the first year, Richarlison’s form was very poor after scoring only 3 goals out of 35. All games included, but this year he’s form has begun to return to form again after scoring 11 goals in 23 games.

In the past, Richarlison is considered to be one of the players who have been in serious trouble with fans of other teams due to interviews. and the behavior of the person