How to play gourd crab fish online

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How to play gourd crab fish online.

If anyone playing Online casinos regularly will see that some casinos have games for gourds, crabs, fish for us to play with. The methods and rules are the same as what we play in a casino far from home. Players can choose to bet either in the form of bets according to the picture. or to stab a color There are also other betting methods to play. For counting the points will count like this.

Fish, represented by red, is equal to 1 point.

Shrimp, represented by green, is equal to 2 points.

Gourds, represented by blue, are equal to 3 points.

Tiger, represented by blue, is equal to 4 points.

Crab, represented by green, is equal to 5 points.

Chicken, represented by red, is equal to 6 points.

How to bet on gourds, crabs, fish and pay rates

It is a very popular betting method. Use the method of counting the points from all 3 dice together. If the score is 4 – 10, it will count as a low score. If the score of 11 – 17 will count as a high score. The payout rate will be 1 : 1.

Single bet

It is the stabbing of a specific picture. The payout rate is 1 : 1, but the special is that if the dice come out on the same face again We will receive an additional payout rate of 1 times, it may be 1: 2 or 1: 3, depending on how many children are out there.

One color bet

The betting method is similar to the single bet, but the difference is that it predicts the color. The payout rate is 1: 1 as well, and if the dice come out of the same color that we bet more than 1 ball, we will receive an additional pay rate of 1 times per 1 ball as well.

Double color bets

The method of betting is similar to betting on single color favorites. But this time, we will guess that it is not less than 2 colors. The payout rate will be 1: 3.

How is it with the story of gourds, crabs, fish that came together today? I believe that many people are starting to see the picture and understand the play better. But in any case, I would like to play consciously. Just enough to have fun like when we’re chilling at home. Don’t expect too much. Then we will enjoy playing. Online casino without having to worry about money at UFABET