Trent Alexander-Arnold’s Chance With the upcoming World Cup

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Trent Alexander-Arnold’s Chance With the upcoming World Cup.

One of the major problems with the England international under Gareth Southgate was having to decide. Which players he would put on the pitch at right-back. Since the options available at hand are many and similar in quality.

The issue was actually raised in the Premier League. When they had players like Trent Alexander-Arnold’s from Liverpool Reece James sent by Chelsea. Contest And the last one is Manchester City’s Kyle Walker. Who doesn’t neglect the younger generation either.

All three are recognized as modern full-backs with equal quality and success playing for the club. When it was time to choose one of them for the national team. It turn out to be Southgate has yet to find a clear solution in this regard.

In the last game that the Roaring Lions lost 1-0 to the Italian national team, Southgate decided to send James to play as a wing-back in a 3-4-3 formation under the name Trent Arno. Old as a substitute. While Walker was sent onto the field in the center-back position on the right.

The result was disappointing. In fact, it was disappointing for the whole team. Because the England national team continues to form without winning anyone in 5 consecutive games. Collecting only 2 points and being relegate to League B already. But it’s a question that if Trent is on the field, the result may not be like this.

But it seems Southgate is more in favor of Reece James, as the striker was often pick in the starting line-up lately. This is an advantage before the World Cup kicks off in November.

Rio Ferdinand, a former England defender who is now a media expert. Has previously compared right-backs Chelsea and Liverpool in April at the end of last season. He said that the two had almost no difference in quality of play.

“Reece James is an amazing footballer. He’s a modern full-back. And when we talk about Trent Arnold, he’s in that spot too. You can’t separate the two of them at all. They bring a lot of different things to the game.”

However, in the latest commentary, Ferdinand leaned towards Chelsea for the most part. When he talks about the defensive game, while Trent, the former Red Devils player, pointed out that his superiority over his opponents is passing the ball. But in the end, when you’re a full-back The main task is to play the defensive game anyway.