Pochettino has revealed the time he would be fired.

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Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino has revealed the time he thought he would be fired from his position in February. After losing at home Wolverhampton.

    “The Blues” came to show hot form at the end of the season after winning 4 games in a row and moving up to 6th place in the current table UFABET before playing their final game against Bournemouth at home. But even so The future of the Argentine boss is still in uncertainty.

    Asked if he had ever had a moment when he thought he would be fired, Pochettino said: “Let me be honest, right? I think after the Wolves game (losing 2-4 at home) can we take what happened after that?”

    “I didn’t even think about getting fired. But it was a difficult time. Losing at home is something that is hard to accept. During that time as a coach and staff member you feel lonely When you feel like everyone is looking at you as if you are guilty of something and you don’t know what’s going on.”

    “At that time we felt alone. we are alone There after the game, waiting, we spent 2 hours. It was a long time after the game that we were there. Looking at each other, the five staff members, the room was very small.”

    “Yes, but we don’t think about that, we’re sad, it’s an unfair situation. We don’t deserve that. But the result puts us in a very difficult situation.”