Eriksen was disappointed in his performance

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Eriksen was disappointed in his performance in Denmark’s defeat to Croatia in the Nations League.

Manchester United midfielder Christian Eriksen has admitted he was disappointed with his performance in Denmark’s Nations League defeat to Croatia League A Group 1 last night. Reported by UFABET.

Although the 30-year-old midfielder scored a stunning goal as the hosts equalized in the 77th minute, two minutes later Croatia netted the winner. Make time to win 2-1

Eriksen has come out to talk about this game and admits that he is disappointed with his own performance. Because there were many missed rhythms, stating that

“It’s bitter, I think so, actually I think it’s a very close game. In the first half we played well and created as many chances as they did but then they took the lead in a very bad moment. It was a mixed feeling during the game.”

“Personally, I made a lot of mistakes. Which gives them the opportunity to cause a lot of harm to us as well. It was the little mistakes that made this game not good enough,” Eriksen said.

Christian Eriksen is out of contract after joining Brentford. In January, only 6 months contract. Which now has rejected the offer of the Red Devils, Manchester United. Who would like to join the team after Eric Tenhag’s new manager. The team is preparing to raise a new team. By adding players to the team