Burnley 2 – Spurs 5.

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Spurs continue to show their hot form. When invading to defeat Burnley 5-2. With Son Heung-Min, who served as the target spear also scored a hat-trick.

English Premier League football

Burnley 2 – Spurs 5

Stadium: Turf Moor

Just four minutes into the game, Burnley took a 1-0 lead when Luca Coleocho surged into the left side of the penalty area. And cut for Lyle Foster to flick a shot along the water with his left foot. Go through the door UFABET.

But in the 16th minute, Spurs equalized 1-1 from a long ball thrown up front for Son Heung-Min to hook down and feed to Manor Solomon. Before Solomon pulled it up and paid it back to Son, who caught and chipped. Crossed over, James Trafford found the net.

In the first half of injury time. The Golden Spurs overtook a 2-1 lead when the ball at Burnley’s defense was unable to block out. Christian Romero counter-attacked with his right hand in front of the penalty area and went straight into the goal.

In the second half.

In the 54th minute, Spurs ran away 3-1 when the Burnley defense easily missed the ball. Udogi Destiny snatched it and flowed it for James Maddison to dress before hitting with his right front. penalty area

In the 63rd minute, the visiting team made it 4-1 from the moment Manor Solomon pulled in from the left and cut into the middle of the penalty area for Son Heung-Min to put his foot down and shoot into the goal.

Not only that, in the 66th minute the score changed to 5-1. Pedro Porro received the ball in the middle of the right side of the field and passed it through the forward channel for Son Heung-min to swoop in and touch and shoot with his left into the net. It’s a hat trick for him in this game.

In the 90th + 4th minute of injury time, the home team got a consolation goal, trailing 2-5 from a bounce. Josh Cullen passed it to Josh Brownhill, who tapped into the penalty area and shot with his left into the net.

The game ended: Spurs defeated Burnley 5-2.