Yam Bean, cheap price but lots of benefits

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If talking about a fruit that is popular to eat when wanting to control weight, Yam Bean is the first name that comes to mind with its delicious taste. eat and be happy Including finding food easily available for sale Besides that, yam is also a fruit that is really useful.

The Yam Bean root stores food of this plant is useful for multifaceted health Including helping to control blood sugar levels as well

Yam, not oily 

Yam has the English name Yam Bean because actually. The yam Bean that we are use to is not a family of yam. But a taproot that collects food of a legume plant. Which are relatives with different soybeans But with the roots of this plant able to store food to a large size, it invites people to understand that it is a potato.

good prebiotics 

Yam contains fiber The said fiber is a prebiotic fructan carbohydrate call oligofructose inulin. This fiber will not be digest in the human digestive system. Rather, it is fermented in the intestines and helps the good microbes to proliferate and work better. Simply put, yam is a healthy plant-based prebiotic.

Research has shown that fructan inulin in Yam Bean stimulates the immune system. prevent cancer especially colon cancer (Related to the subject of prebiotics) Help control weight. It has a positive effect on the metabolic system. Helps balance natural hormones Help reduce cholesterol. keeps blood vessels healthy help digestion and makes it possible to excrete well as well

It’s sweet, but it controls sugar well.

Although yam has a sweet taste But it is a plant that is high in fiber that makes you feel full quickly and has a low GI value when eating yam. So it doesn’t cause the blood sugar to spike. It also helps stabilize blood sugar levels. A study in rats found that Rats that did not receive additives from yam When eating food, the blood sugar level rises.

Whether it’s a matter of being a good prebiotic, high in fiber and also helping to control sugar. Yam is therefore honored as a Thai fruit representative that helps in weight loss.

Source: UFABET