“Body Positivity” Be proud of your own body and figure.

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Body Positivity or Body Positive is a good concept. that invites people to have a positive attitude towards their own body no matter what shape how to dress what kind of skin We are all unique in our own way.

With this concept, we can easily start with ourselves by having a positive attitude is important, such as not comparing yourself to anyone. Don’t take other people’s criticism into account. Or complain about your that it’s not good.

By changing to choosing to look at a good angle to make us happier Along with choosing to improve yourself and must be proud of yourself. (Self-esteem) can accept the diversity of oneself and others. It will help us feel more loved and appreciate ourselves even more.

Or another way is to get up and do something good for yourself. or dare to try something new change your makeup style Choose to wear clothes that enhance your body shape. Including practicing meditation as well, it’s even better because meditation helps to be with yourself. I have time to understand my own body even more.

“Importantly, self-esteem. respect for this body It also includes health care.”

Therefore, exercise choose to eat enough foods that are beneficial to the neither too much nor too little It is very important to health because overweight or too thin. It will also lead to various diseases such as osteoporosis, obesity, diabetes and cancer, etc.

source: UFABET